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Here’s a service by Unionbank.

Its called OneHub.Gov.

OneHub.Gov is the first and only single platform that enables your company to pay its obligations with the BIR, SSS and Philhealth. OneHub.Gov is simple, fast, and an efficient way to settle all your obligations to the government!

The SSS Hub provides electronic messaging facility for efficient transmission and processing of SSS contributions and the 1st ever loans repayments

PhilHealth e-Pay is the 1st ever online electronic messaging facility for efficient transmission and processing of yoiur Premium Contributions.

With this facility in place, you are now able to e-pay your internal revenue taxes in an on-line and real-time manner.

According to Sun Star Cebu, OneHub.Gov added Bureau of Customs (BOC) to its platform with the implementation of its customs duties e-payment facility.

OneHub.Gov was launched in 2005.

For those who have experienced using OneHub.Gov, kindly leave a comment or send me your story here.


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