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I’ve been trying to use Globe 3G when accessing the internet since they released their “low” internet via 3G rates.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having problems with it. When using my laptop, its either i can’t connect using my phone as modem… or slow browsing – even when using an HSPDA (3.5G) network. When browsing using my phone, its either I can’t connect or slowwwwwwwwww browsing.

And then there’s this problem of whenever i get disconnected, that means i’d have to pay another P5.00 even if my 15 minutes is not yet up. Come to think of it, i haven’t lasted using internet via globe 3G for more than 5 minutes.

You can check out the guidelines of using this service plus my comments here.

I’ve already called Globe’s customer service hotline twice. First when i can’t connect using my phone as modem, and then when i was experiencing slow browsing even if my 3.5G signal was full.

Yuga Tech also reports about a Globe user who have incurred charges for using this service.

So,  still, the best for me is using Smart’s 3G to connect to the internet. For me, let me stress that out – for me, connecting to the internet using Smart’s 3G is fast, easy to use, and reliable. We don’t have an internet connection at home back in Manila. So what i do is i load up my smart prepaid sim with P30.00 and browse for less than 3 hours.

But here’s a trick (only for smart prepaid users) that’s been working for me and i love it.. I only load up P15.00. Then I connect to the internet via smart 3G and my 3G mobile phone. Then i’ll use it for 2 hours! Instead of paying P20.00.. i just paid P15.00. If you receive a “insufficient balance error, just re-connect. But if you see the “Packet data connection not available error in your mobile phone, then that really means you’re really out of load. For a list of common connection problems using Smart 3G, watch out for my post tomorrow.

And here’s more, I notice that if I use Smart 3G between 10am to 12pm, and 11pm to 1am (yes midnight) I am able to use it for more than 2 hours even if i only loaded P15.00.

cool huh?

So, now you know why I’m still not jumping up and down with Globe’s P5 per 15 minutes 3G service.

51 Responses so far.

  1. Othello Jess says:

    akala ko ako lang ang nakakaexperience ng lokong imbensyon ng globe na to… (hahaha!!!)
    well just like what you’ve said its really, really better to use smart then.

    at first i was really amazed by this kind of promo by globe, first, because if i succeed in this, then i wont insert my smart sim on my 6233 again and again. but no matter how hard i connect it to the internet, nothing happens.

    hahahaha again! a big HAHA! still, smart wins!

  2. TheRem says:

    yup. wala talagang wenta! chamba-chamba lang kung maka-connect ka… i think i’ll try Smart.

  3. DriftSpeed says:

    if you want to surf with Globe in 3g/HSDPA speeds, u need to have a separate postpaid 3g/HSDPA plan with them.that’s the bottom line.

    im a 3yr postpaid Globe subscriber and according to them, if you want 3g surfing access, u need to sign up for their 3g/hsdpa plan.

    no thanks.for mobile browsing, stick to Smart.

  4. dee.ehm.ekz says:

    tried it since it first came out, i’m a postpaid subscriber so i didn’t worry much of the load. the problem with it is the constant disconnection and also the 3g signal goes out after an hour of browsing. i’m using an N95 8GB, that’s why i would be tempted to surf and watch in the net instead from a PC (i don’t have a PC except in the office). the result: 1,500 – 2,000 PHP on my bill for two months under internet browsing ONLY!

    well, the feature is still new and i can forgive that…maybe? ^_^

  5. Abby says:

    panu ba mag connect sa net eniweiz? i haven’t tried it yet.. everytime i want to update my antivirus via wap? what was that? i often come to the poin that I dunno what to do!.. well.. I’m just a newbie here… anyone can help?.. here’s my number if someone cares.. 09053178050 Thanks!

  6. Maire Fernandez says:

    I had this same problem with my Globe handyphone. cant connect to the internet in my laptop but I can if I surf through my phone. During verying username and password, it just wont connect to the network. Would someone have any idea why?

  7. Julie Angeles says:

    im a postpaid subscriber. i used globe internet via 3g last night, and when I woke up i received a message from globe that I was able to used up 11K worth of internet. What the f@#$? Didn’t even reach for an hour.

  8. phoebe says:

    hey migs, thanks a lot for this info. i was about to apply for a globe plan so i can take advantage of their 3G phone and use it as a modem for my laptop. now, i’m going to check on smart instead..tnx tnx for this :)

  9. jonathan says:

    oo nga napakabagal, eto nga gamit ko ngayon, ewan ko kung maka post ako, badtrip!!! globe!!!

  10. JVP3R says:

    Yo Migs!
    IMO I’ve been using globe internet for more than 3 years now and I guess malaki na ang lugi ng globe sa akin because I can connect to internet via 3G or GPRS without paying a single cent and its a luxury provided by Globe that I couldn’t turn my back on. I already tried gprs using my phone as a modem via my pc and guess what I maxed out the burst to 284kbps. Please remember that speed is also relative to cellsite congestion(More users=More congestion) so if your leaving in a highly densed area with 1 cellsite catering the communication needs of 20,000 peps in a 5km diameter then your in for a fight for the data traffic. Globe offers the best internet experience ever but only for the chosen few (like me :p) so if your not patient enough then better get the smart broadband..Globe? Its IM (YM) at the palm of my hands 24/7/12.

  11. MegaTroll says:


    Wala traffic congestion NETWORK ng GLOBE konti lang subscriber nila eh. ^^

    Crappy talaga GLOBE, mapa-CP o Broadband. Waste lang ng effort sa application at waste lng ng precious resources.

  12. Volodya says:

    I am in Mongolia my mobile is ubiquam uf200 send me via msg free connectin setting

  13. sage says:

    yah.. la namn eh. dparin maka connect kahit ok naman ung settings.. cguro try ko na lang smart…. nakak asar kumakain lang ng load dnamn maka connect… it sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Volodya says:

    my mobile hasn’t much wap setting can you send me settings via sms

  15. Victor says:

    nakakasar nakapabagal ang connection ngayon,hndi naman gnito noong bago ako nag-apply ng globe visibility

  16. Victor says:

    pahelp naman po mga repapips, san po ba makakabili ng 3G router pra sa huawei e220, gusto ko kc ishare ko internet connection ko

  17. rhycel says:

    Bottom line Globe visibility sucks bigtime (yes I’m also a Globe visibility user, unfortunately.). Way back when I was still with them, they/we took pride of giving quality service services but now it seems like they are just thinking of catching up with the competition. Tsk, tsk

  18. Victor says:

    hayz!..sobrang bagal connection ngayon downloading man or browsing ang bagal parin. kninang umaga ok pa naman ang connection mabilis.

  19. rad says:

    im using n82.ok naman xa di xa mabagal…malakas signal d2 ng 3g..^^

  20. tags says:

    walang kuenta ang GLOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. jimny says:

    globe customer technical support are like monkeys!!!!!!! extremely poor!!! and liars too!!!

  22. chikoy says:

    palitan na yang timed browsing…

    P15 for 15min (lucky if you make 15 minutes) hahahahaha

  23. mikel says:

    Yeah, globe 3G really, really sucks…………I want a refund….

  24. Mumu says:

    Shay! ovcourse… if you need speed you need to rent a “LINE” from globe… If they have sold more than 1 million of the kit and every body accesses a network… that is a first com e first serve basis…. OR BUMP OUT THE WEAK!!!!
    Globe visibility prepaid is best to access my email… NO O ther. thats all ic an af ford a30 peso ac cess.

  25. virusfreee says:

    hello there!

    Join our campaign against globe telecoms!

    join now @ http://www.GlobeSucks.com


  26. yuri says:

    if u r just surfing the net using ur phone smart is best… pero kung cellphone user ka lng by txting better pa rin ang globe… pero honestly pasaway mag apply sa globe kc dami arte mga requirements pra lang maging plan ang bills mo.. mabuti pa ang smart kadali mag apply ng broadband… basta may pambayad ka.. yun lng comments ko…

  27. Nelson says:

    maganda lang ang Globe Visibility nung unang offer sa market, mabilis talaga. kaso benta ng benta ng di naman kaya ng network nila kaya sobrang sobrang bagal talaga. nakakakonek nga ako ng HSDPA pero wala namang internet pag nag browse. kelangan ang connection type ay “gprs only” pero pag gprs naman ay mas mabilis pa ang dial-up na modem! grabe! mabilis ang globe sa gabi pero sa araw na kung kelan working hours ay dun saksakan ng bagal! wots the use neto kung matutulog ka na eh dun pa magkakaron ng matinong connection??? very very poor engineering ang globe at very poor and slow response from customer support as well! and the other comment above was right, customer support personnels were like monkeys and liars too!!! grabe! pasosyal at paarte pa sa subscription eh BAKYA naman ang service!!!

  28. PATRICK says:

    bulok tlga ang globe.lalo n kng myglobe connect gamt u cguro dhl i2 s trapc dhl mraming free sites sa globe n mppasukn.

  29. Sal M Arevalo says:

    I need info for a fast internet connection with a minimum speed of 350kbps or more. I am a ham radio operator and have contacts around the world via CQ100. Please advice , recommend which provider I can rely on. Smart Bro cannot provide me the speed I require. Thank you and hope to get your recommendation as soon as possible.

  30. Harold says:

    Yeah Globe really sucks! I tried using their 3g internet via my modem phone and it didn’t worth it. Now I signed up for their wireless broadband internet with 512 kbps speed but I guess their towers are just provisioned to provide 50kbps.. It’s really slow and sometimes I experience intermittent connectivity. Am I one of the pilots for these service? Experimentation and guess what? the service technician who visited my place told me that Globe wireless internet is really like that! Their technician gave me two options, it’s either i continue with their damn service or have it disconnected.. eeeww!

  31. em says:

    Haii.. akala ko nagloloko lang phone ko.. network pla talaga.. i went to glode center before, referred to manufacturer and VV… so i gave up.. now i got my new phone and a new sim.. same thing kahit 500 pa load mu..akala ko sa signal ng 3G.. i tried it in different location.. still the same thing.. Hai..

  32. em says:

    i definitely will try smart

  33. hard says:

    Thanks to you folks, akala ko may mali sa settings plapak lang pala talaga ang globe. I’ll try to buy smart sim bkas hope its better than globe

  34. ThinkTank says:

    Globe Wireless or Smartbro pareho lang kasi parehong wireless. Dependent pareho sa orientation nyo sa kanilang tower. Masama lalo pag maraming obstructions between you and the towers. Kung walang wired DSL provider sa area nyo, no choice but to have it improved by other solutions. Di nila magagawang pabilisin yan basta. Gaya sabi ni Harold, ‘take it or leave it’ ang offer ng tech.

    Ganyan din sa area namin. I understand a little about wireless though I am not an expert. I used a reflector so ngayon very stable at super bilis na connection ko. I got my reflector from Roughclaw.

  35. junelle says:

    i hate globe! kung kailan mai time ako ang internet nman mabagal.. haiiii naku!!! sana mag smart nlng kami eh.. pati na sa phone.. ma shock nlng aku 0 na load ko.. kinukuha nila palagi load ku. minsan wlang signal… grrrrrrr..

  36. pissed_with_globe says:

    Globe telecoms cannot deliver what they promise. Their internet service sucks!

  37. belle says:

    Planning to go home in PI in less than 3mos. and I live
    in a country—far from the city. Can’t live without
    browsing on the internet! So what’s the best internet
    provider or anything so i can log on to the internet!
    Anybody—pls help!!!

  38. migs says:

    hi belle,

    depends where you will be staying….

    what will be you location?

  39. belle says:

    My location? Mangatarem, Pangasinan about 5-7 miles
    to the city

  40. migs says:

    OK. will ask around. to see what connection is best in pangasinan

  41. belle says:

    Also—i haven’t been hm since 2003—does anybody
    know if my blackbery cell wrks in pi? Or does ALL
    the cell phn in USA works in PI as well?

  42. judith says:

    tae talaga ang globe cge pak u

  43. judith says:

    3g connection cencya kana tae ka kc sobrang bagal mo full nmn signal bar mo sakin. sana sa globe company ayusin nyo nmn connection nyo ha. sayang mayaman panaman ang globe kaso tae pala yun internet connection nya. saan kaya yun na kokolecta nya sa mga SMS subscribers nya how many milloins ba evey day ang kita nyo para mapa ayos nyo ang inyon pasilidad. cge by the way salamat nlang sa mabaho nyon konection ha ingats

  44. judith says:

    maganda manirahan sa northville pampanga sobrang init umaga palang wala ng tubig 11 pm dun palang magkaka tubig pag nag brown out nmn kalahating araw sus sarap mr noli de castro idol talaga mga tao d2 tuyo na katawan nila ok lng may pc nmn ako sayang walang net. smart bro apply ako di pwd di abot ng signal aws wow globe 3g connection sosyal. ok ha umandar may fone ako wow lalagay ko may slot sa likod wow may dial tone sarap mag dial kaya ako aba pwd mag dial kaso network not allow to call sayang nmn 1000 a month wala call. ok lng may net nmn cge net nlang mka brows nga globe 3g ito ha ok panga brows. ehe cge you tube nga all lyf wow 1 minute yun buffer nya. yun all my lyf na cge buffer naku ok pla dito 1 hour is 1 song sa you tube. game nlang ako mabagal sa you tube e cge mu phil nlang. nag pa pats sabi nya 2 hous daw ok talaga ang globe ha intant bagal na. ok lng cge punta nlang ako sa sm clark para ma report ko cge balita ko may wimaxx na wow papalit ko nga sa sm takbo ako sa sm. nasa sm nko ha wow yung counter nila 3o minute yun isa katao nagutom ako tuloy ok lng 7 days papalitan cge palit. after 7 days tao po sa globe po kami cge pasok po kayo sabi ko sa personel sir ang net ko mabagal tatawa yun personel kala mo nakakaloko cya. umupo cya kinuha nya papel cge report cya nag brows cya speedtest daw ok sabi ko para mag kaka alaman na. sir bkt 7 min kana nakaupo sabi ko e kc wala pa response yun speedtest e cencya kna sabi nya ok lng sabi ko. tapos sabi ko ano magagawa nyo pangit yun net ko sabi nya appy daw ako ng pangalawa yung wimaxx ehe globe telecom ok pala personel nyo dalawa kaagad ang papaseve nyo sakin ano plagay nyo sa bahay ko pang testingan ehe with payment pa ng napaka mahal..

  45. Mayet says:

    Globe sucks! After the typhoon, my friend who’s only living in Makati area still has no internet connection. She already called 5 times to Globe technical service but she was only advised that they’d sms her if there is already a connection. And it’s been three weeks already and no feedback from Globe yet. Haay! What kind of support does Globe have?!
    And why is Sun or Smart already working in that area.

  46. adam says:

    What can I say all of it is true. I want to share <a href=http://mattscradle.com/2010/06/16/my-experience-with-globe-broadband-dsl/ title=Globe_broadband>My experience with Globe broadband DSL</a> kindly check it out. May our voice be heard by Globe

  47. adam says:

    Globesucks.com is not functioning. My experience with Globe

  48. excuse po,,,wala po kaming internet at home,,pwede po bng magpatulong?

    Phs. 1,Blk. 1,Lot 16,Mariners Village Sta. Lucia ,Magarao Camarines Sur

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