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Update:  Magicjack Plus has been released. Let’s you call US and Canada for FREE without a Computer!

I’ve seen many FREE CALLS ads over the internet, but this one seems to be the KILLER!

Dear readers, I’ll be introducing you to a revolutionary small device which will give you FREE CALLS to the US and CANADA.

Introducing Magicjack!

Magic Jack is a USB device which is just as big as a normal USB flash disk that allows you to use you normal landline phone and plug it to your computer and use Voice over IP (VOIP) – over an internet connection – and call any telephone or mobile phone anywhere in the world.

However, its only free to call the US and Canada – on your first year! Then you just pay $20.00 for a year’s subcription… WHOAH.. $20.00! That’s less than Php 1,000 a year! (P47.00 = $1).

So what do you get with the MagicJack?

Free Local and Long Distance Calling
- Make and receive calls anywhere w/in the U.S. and/or Canada. Talk for free…day or night, seven days a week!

Free Phone Number
- The first time you plug your magicJack into a computer simply follow the on-screen registration. When prompted, you can select an area code of your choice from one of many popular US cities nationwide- regardless where you live!

International Calling
- Take the magicJack with you even when you travel to other countries. Call back to the U.S. and Canada/Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands for FREE. Use the magicJack anywhere you find high speed internet service.

Free Voicemail
- Dial your own number from a phone plugged into your magicJack to be able to retrieve voicemails when you happen to be unavailable.

Call US and Canada for FREE with this great USB device

No hidden charges (No monthly charges)

Unlimited talktime (1 year unlimited calls to US and Canada/ Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands when you buy magicJack and it is renewable for $20/year)

3 way calling

Works w/ Vista, XP or Intel MAC

Easy Plug and Play use

What does this mean for businesses here in the Philippines who needs constant communication with their counterparts or mother companies in the US or Canada? …. LESS COST!!!!!

How about for those families of OFWs here in the Philippines? MORE TALK TIME with their loved ones!!!!!!



At the request of Brighid Zabel - Proactive Event Marketing, I’ve deleted the links to the cheap but unauthorized re-sellers/distributors of MagicJack.

All online presentation of magicJack is subject to our prior written approval. Additionally, sale of magicJack though eBay or any online auction sites is strictly prohibited.

Please note that one of the requirements is that all online marketing receive prior approval and we would want you to only refer to those Resellers who are approved.

However, i informed them that those links can easily be searched over the internet.


Reminder: when buying online, please make sure you can trust the seller, inspect the unit if possible, and ask for warranty!

To call other countries aside from the above mentioned, you need to purchase “call minutes”. Unfortunately, i can’t find the rates anywhere yet.

I’ve read a lot of blogs, forums, and sites where people have actually used Magicjack, and so far, everyone is saying that it works great..

Hmmm.. what can smart, globe, and sun say to MagicJack?

Oh, i heard (over the internet) that PLDT is blocking the sale of MagicJack here in the Philippines.. nununununu..

If you want more info on MagicJack, check out its website.

Note: This is an unpaid post

10 Responses so far.

  1. Jonathan says:

    This is much more than a killer. It’s the murderer!


    Nothing could beat that, after offering that for 2 straight years. I wonder it didn’t gathered some attention in the past few years. Anyway, the program is great, not to mention the phone call quality – superb for a free service!

    Try it, there’s nothing to lose – only to gain!

    *Please do not upgrade your Internet Explorer to version 8 – installing it might cause some incompatibilities with the program.


  2. migs says:

    Yung MediaRing Talk may limit yung free.. 10 mins lang..
    magic jack.. talk all you want! hahahahha

  3. Reinhard says:

    Would anyone PLEASE send me toll free number for magicjack

  4. f e R n says:

    this is really great! i’ve tried using this gadget with my friends calling anywhere from US and Canada, even anywhere in the world. Clear voice calls is guaranteed! compared to other devices. Good News to everybody! :)

  5. BRAXTON says:


  6. migs says:

    I saw a magicjack today being sold for only P4,500.oo

  7. eysh says:

    my mom from the U.S. sent me one and whoaaaa! this thing is really fantastic..! I was amazed because the line was so clear and my mom and I were talking for hours…. almost everyday.. Now, I can call her anytime in her celphone and landline in the U.S… She can call my magic jack # too with the use of her cellphone or landline.. this thing really makes great wonders! try it.. you will never regret.. =)

  8. Azhar says:

    Dear sirs,

    I am Azhar from pakistan. I want to purchase a magic device for telemarketing can u send me complete information via email. info@stichingbadgemaster.com

    With Best Wishes,


  9. Support Team says:

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  10. Ally says:

    I have magic jack too and i want to know something ..is it cheep if ex.my boyfriend can call me from he’s mobile to a magic jack if he is an long distance ??? my nr of magic jack is canadian 647 plz answer me somebody & can i call USA from Magic Jack 4 free?!!..thnx loveee

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