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Huh?  What’s this Samsung Galaxy Pop R5570 and why does it look like my Samsung Galaxy Mini?

Well, it turns out that this is another China Clone mobile phone like the first Samsung Galaxy Mini look-a-like that I spotted.

Like most China Clone phones, Samsung Galaxy Pop R5570 has dual SIM / dual standby functionality . Plus you can watch mobile TV (analog).

It has pre-installed games and apps such as Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Tomcat, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger at Facebook apps. Slide, Cubical, Crystal Cube and Cyclone Menus.

Other specs:

  • Full Touch,
  • 3.2″ QVGA(C-type)
  • Edge/Gprs QuadBand9850/900/1800/1900Mhz,
  • 5MP Camera,
  • Micro SD Upto 8GB,
  • 1600mAh battery 7days standby,
  • Android (not sure what version)
  • Package Includes:
    • Unit
    • Charger
    • USB Cable
    • In-ear Earphones
    • 1Gig Micro SD with Adapter
    • Leather Pouch

Price varies. Cheapest Samsung Galaxy Pop I found on the net was selling for Php 2,790.00. It can go as high as Php 3,500.00

40 Responses so far.

    • Ymmi says:

      Hello there!

      I have Vell-come Galaxy pop r5570 china Phone ,i am tring to intllal some games but its not working i get the Error it say “unsupported Media” Plz some one help me what should i do for that or how can i get Games for that moblie??


  1. k. freeki says:

    Is there any modem driver and software for this R5570 phone to share internet with labtops?

  2. DELBE YOBO says:

    je suis heureux de découvrir ceci mais j’aimerais avoir le logitièl d’installation de ce mobil sur mon ordinateur et aussi quelle touche appuier pour regarder la tv?

    • migs says:

      Hi, you don’t need to install any software when you want to attach this on your computer. You can not watch TV using this mobile phone.

  3. emmaus says:

    Bjr uo Bsr à tous. SVP j’aimerai savoir comment on fait fonctionner le net sur ce mobile; notament pour utiliser facebook, msn, twitter. Et également cmt tester si cela execute des pprogrammes android

    • migs says:

      It has a built in browser. you can connect via wi-fi or 3G data (check with your network carrier). Yes, you can install android games on this phone.

      • ichie says:

        how can we install android apps here? it can’t read apk files

        • migs says:

          Just a theory, maybe the apk you are installing might not be compatible with the android version of this unit. Maybe its just on android 1.++

          • ichie says:

            you cant install android app here, this is not a andriod phone thats why.

            name of the system folders was mex, mex was on IOS, this is a clone only. not a real andriod.

            common on migs, don’t fool everbody.

            andriod files is always apk from 1, it should recognize apk if it is andriod. mrp apps can be install here not android apps.

  4. Mangal says:

    can i watch online video using Samsung Galaxy Pop R5570? any other application to watch online movie, songs.

    • migs says:

      I’m not sure, but I think it won’t be able to play online video as i feel it doesn’t have flash support :(

    • mohsen says:

      when appear slide to unlock on the screen mobile no one can contact me on my mobile how can i delete it

      • mohsen says:

        when appear on the screen slide to unlock if any one try to contact me from another mobile he hears the phone is lock but when the screen is the girl who cleaning the screen they can contact me how i try to solve this problem????

  5. Ang mahal naman.. sana may video review din para makita namin ng lubusan… gusto ko yan promise!

  6. el says:

    in Egypt i cant go through internet with the galaxy pop r5570 mobile in any Egyptian network

  7. solo says:

    comment utiliser le gps du tel samsung galaxy pop 5570

  8. mannoji says:

    Queria saber como habilitar o wifi neste celular
    Tenho um e não consigo habilita -lo

    desde ja agradeço!

  9. Virgie says:

    pls help me connect to internet there is nothing there in settings….for galaxy pop r5570


    • freeki says:

      use “CMCC NET”. That is
      settings/connection management/network account/ “CMCC NET”

    • freeki says:

      Hi Virgie!, use “CMCC NET”. That is
      settings/connection management/network account/ “CMCC NET”

      • emmanuel says:

        excuse me freeki,
        I don’t see the directory that your are say: settings/connection management/network account/ “CMCC NET”.
        Please explain in french if it is possible or detail by the front-end.

  10. Abdul says:

    My daughter set a pattern code and she forgot it. How can we unlock the pattern code on the clone R5570? Thanks in advance.

  11. Collins says:

    please i cannot use my galaxy pop r5570 to download. can u help me.

  12. Packy says:

    My r5570 can’t permit all apps to acces file-system.
    For exemple Gmap 2.3.2 can’t run because he needs acces to file-systeme.
    I think system is securised because I can’t rename or delete folders created by system.
    If you can help me, send answer to pascalmazombwemutengo@gmail.com

  13. Edna says:

    How to enable the wifi in this cellular one?
    I have an and I don’t get enables -lo

    at once I thank!

  14. cristopher says:

    quiero saber el codigo para drle mas bolumen al microfono del celular porque cuando me llaman el que me llama no escucha nada de lo que yo digo

  15. samah says:

    Could we open wireless internet on this mobile?
    I could not find CMCC NET
    Is there another way to open it ?
    Thanks alot

  16. moorphe says:

    O único problema destes celulares é que frequente recebemos descontos nos créditos, referente a compras na internet em sites, sendo que não a fizemos, e depois dá a maior dor de cabeça para sermos ressarcidos, quando conseguimos, no meu caso com a TIM; visto que coloquei o mesmo chip no celular samsung original, e não recebi tais compras; e depois recoloquei o chip de volta no ching-ling, e de imediato recebi 02 mensagens de compras na internet; visto que havia enviado a msg sair para o remetente (28666, 48159 e outros), e a msg 4112 para a TIM, conforme determinação da ANATEL, porém de nada adinatou.
    Alguém tem alguma dica de como não ser prejudicado com este serviço; ou alguma configuração neste tipo de celular, para não receber estes serviços?


  17. kira says:

    i have samsung r5570 china phone too, i dont know how to set connections

    post the step by step to configure the settings pls.
    so that i can surf fb for free .. im from philippines.. reply asap thanks..

  18. idriss says:

    i have a china phone r5570 i have no network it was working perfect but now no network please help me
    thank you a lot

  19. GEORGE NGUMBU says:


  20. Ymmi says:

    I can help you how to connect internet on this phone but 1st i have to know which sim card you are using?

  21. Ymmi says:

    i got how to connect internet but dont know how to install new games plz some one help me!

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