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Boeing, the aerospace and defense industry giant will offer a “more secured” communication device designed to use cellular networks.

image from TechCrunch

According to Brian Palma, vice president of the company’s secure infrastructure group, “The company is near the end of the development cycle and getting ready to launch what he called “the Boeing phone” in late 2012″

However, the mobile device might not be available to regular consumers as MSNBC reports that “The company is working on a secure communications device for the U.S. government defense and security market. Via email, a Boeing spokeswoman confirmed to GeekWire, “We are developing a trusted mobile device that will serve the US Government Defense and Security market, which require a higher level of security than is currently available in the commercial marketplace.”

In an interview, a Boeing representative said that  “We are going to drive down towards a lower price point, but … not mass-market price point. Competitors offering similar secure, encrypted devices are charging $15,000 to $20,000 per device and are using proprietary software and hardware”

Well, if this proves to be a money maker for Boeing, they might offer other mobile devices for the mass market.

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