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The Commission on Elections has started the re-distribution of the Voter’s ID card.

Here are the steps on how to claim your Voter’s ID:

  1. Registered  voters  shall personally appear at the Office of the Election Officer (OEO) (errr. Comelec Office where you registered)  on any day, from Monday to saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.Release of lD cards shall be done by the Ero/EA who shall see to it that the rightful owner claims the correct  lD card;
  2. A voter may authorize in writing  any person to claim his ID card. lnsuch case, said authorized person shall present the notarized authorization document with his own valid lD and sign in the logbook indicating  thereon that he claimed the voter’s  lD card in behalf of theregistered voter;
  3. Only rggistered voters whose registration records are active may be issued their voter’s lD card.

You can check if your Voter’s ID has already been printed or if your account is active by going to the COMELEC’s Precinct Finder site. The details that will be shown you will include the status of your registration and status of printing of your ID:

Comelec said that distribution may also be done at the Barangay halls  or any public building within in the barangay.

For those who needs a replacement for their lost or dilapidated Voter’s ID:

A registered  voter may request for reprinting of lost, torn or defacedvoter’s lD by personally filling-out  application form for Voter’s lD card Replacement, attaching thereto an affidavit of loss or the torn or defaced lD, as the case may be, and shall be required to pay the amount of one Hundred Pesos (P1oo) for the cost of reprinting and forwarding to the OEO of his new,voter’s lD card.

11 Responses so far.

  1. Pao says:

    This post was helpful.

    I’m not sure if it’s my internet connection speed or the site that’s hindering me from actually finding out if my ID has been printed or not.. LOL

    anyway, the Precinct finder link gives an error message and i found a different URL (by browsing through the site) http://www.comelec.gov.ph/?r=precinct_finder

    it’s the same one, right? (i can’t check coz I can’t somehow make it work *impatient* LOL)

    But, really, thanks. :)

  2. Jin says:

    Hi, can some one help me. I check my id status, and it says that it cannot be printed because of unavailable bio metrics info. what should i do?thanks.

  3. evelyn a ando says:


  4. evelyn a ando says:

    april 10,2013

    10:00 Am

  5. evelyn a ando says:

    You Can Release My Id card On

    APril 10.2013


    11:00 ma

    I go to The Office

  6. vergie h. diama says:

    hi. i check my id status?

  7. melody mariscal baring says:

    good day! check ko lang po status ng voters id ko di pa kasi dumating ilang beses ko na pong naechecked sa munisipyo 2007 pa po ako nagparegistered. ty po.

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