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I was chosen as one of  the finalist for the Race to Computex by Asus Philippines where I’ll have the chance to go to a big tech event in Taiwan this June!

What is Computex?

COMPUTEX TAIPEI has become the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, next to CeBIT in Germany. Each year, key global businesses come to this event to launch their new products. Since a large portion of the businesses in the world have research and deployment centers or production facilities in Taiwan, this exhibition attracts observers, analysts, and journalists of computer and information industries from all over the world to discover and report the latest technologies, developments, and trends.

In short, its a playground for tech lovers!

What about the “race”?

Finalists will face 3 challenges that will test out their knowledge in technology, character and a Filipino taste of being “Practical”. Here we will see who’s got character to become the “Ultimate Power User”.

Grand winner will win an All Expense Paid Trip to Computex 2012 and see the latest innovations from ASUS.

And for the first challenge…

Challenge 1: Simply make a video introducing yourself and answer the question “Why am I a Power User?” Also. talk about your thrive in seeking technology, your enthusiasm or simply why you like technology.

Here’s my entry:


Note: Thanks to my firend Roy Maningo for being my camera guy in some of  the clips.

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