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Facebook just recently introduced Mobile photos syncing that lets you automatically upload your photos from your Android mobile phones to your facebook account.

When I clicked on the “Send to Phone” button, I thought I will receive a text message giving me the link. Instead, I received a notification via the Facebook app.  (sorry, still used to the Nokia way).


As stated in the first photo, all the synced photos are placed in a private album so only you can see it, unless you share it.

I just tried it once and deactivated it again. I think its still better if you just manually post the pictures because there are photos which are really private that you don’t want to store anywhere else. However, its a good back-up location for your not so private photos. SO far, I think Facebook has not set a cap or limit to the space that you can use with their servers. So use it as an online storage!

One Response so far.

  1. Reyn says:

    I like it. Will try this on my Galaxy Young. Thank you!

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